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The technical support services of Hechuangli Measurement and Control Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. are aimed at achieving the unified management of national customer service standardization, and at ensuring that users obtain comprehensive product services and technical support, which are mainly reflected in the following product service policies:

Advanced service quality control system

From product sales, product maintenance to product after-sales service, we have a complete and clear service policy. We have entered the entire service system since the customer bought the products of our company. The advanced service quality control system, from the management of service personnel, service progress to the satisfaction of each customer, has been included in the evaluation criteria for service personnel and service departments. The unified service operation process and operation specification enable customers to enjoy the professional and high-quality service of Hechuang Power Measurement and Control no matter when and where.

Customer service content

  1. Product consultation
    We provide remote product consulting services for our safety products; Telephone through official website0769-85538850/E-mail( users with technical consulting services related to products by mail and other remote means.

  2. Warranty service