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The type selection of weighing sensor mainly depends on the type of weighing and the installation space to ensure proper installation and safe and reliable weighing; On the other hand, the manufacturer's suggestion should be considered. For the sensor manufacturer, it generally specifies the sensor type and installation space of the sensor to ensure correct installation and safe and reliable weighing. At the same time, the manufacturer's suggestion should also be considered. For the manufacturing of steel sensors, steel sensors are applicable to electronic brakes, brakes, brakes, etc., for electronic brakes, brakes, load cells, etc.


The weighing sensor is actually a device that converts the quality signal into a measurable signal output. When using the sensor, the actual working environment of the sensor should be considered first, and the selection of a suitable sensor is the key. It is related to whether the sensor can work normally, whether it is safe and has a service life, and even the reliability and safety of the entire balancer.

Generally, the high temperature environment will cause the melting of the coating material, the melting of the solder joint, the structural change of the stress in the elastomer, the dust and humidity will have a short circuit effect on the sensor, and the high corrosion environment will cause the damage or short circuit of the sensor elastomer, and the electromagnetic field will interfere with the sensor output. Under the corresponding environmental factors, we must select the corresponding sensor to meet the weighing requirements.